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April 12, 2006 at 4:49 am (Uncategorized)

Okay, I'm Making another game, and this time, I have to make it as well as I can, AND it has to be educational.

So, I have to think of something to do, which is kind of hard when trying to concieve a game, so, I'll try and think of something. I'm probably going to do something to do with history, ancient history to be exact, probably ancient Greece or Ancient Rome or Aztecian stuff etc. Who knows? Maybe I could do a blend of everything, but that'd mean a hell of a lot of homework, and I don't really like homework, and without a complete access to the internet…

Anyway, I'm probably going to use something like mystery themes, but I still really don't know, it's kinda in developement. I'm going to use an overhead view, It'll probably be easier to make the sprites and stuff for the background. You'll probably be able to talk to people and look at things, examine etc.

I will use a test subject, who I will refer to as MC. Hopefully he will enjoy the game, however, he is very indecisive.

As of yet, I have not found a name for my game, because I haven't really defined my game yet, so, I think I'll think of a name when I have gotten pretty far in completion of the game. I could of course create a name, then change it later, but still, I haven't defined my game.

Of course, I'll be doing the usual, creating good sound effects etc.

Anyway, I'm on holidays soon, and I won't be posting for a while, unless I get the internet soon and perhaps I will… 


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April 7, 2006 at 4:53 am (Uncategorized)

 1)Provide an outline of what the video is about.

 The documentary we watched in IT was about videogame violence, and how it affects teenagers and children. This particular video follows the story of a man whose teenaged son is addicted to videogames. The addiction goes to extreme levels, and results in the teenager truanting and creating other problems with his parents. The teenager’s father tries to discover more about how videogames are affecting children and teenagers, interviewing other parents and creators of videogames.


2)What would you have done if you were the teenager's parents? 

Personally, if I were the teenager’s parent, I would have let him sort it out, but if that didn’t work, I would have tried to monitor my son’s purchasing habits, and, if the problem became as bad as it was on the documentary, confiscated the game, and grounded the child. It probably wouldn’t work though, so I’d act as if was really bothering me, pretend to cry and stuff, and guilt my imaginary child into giving up the videogame, or at least spending a little less time on it.


3)Is it a concern that this might happen to you or someone you know? Explain. 

 I’m not particularly concerned that the sort of thing that happened in the video will happen to me. Even though me and my friends play videogames, none of us go so far as to skip school to play videogames, with my one personal exception being the midnight release of the Xbox360, which still doesn’t really count as truancy, because I still went to school the next day, only a little late because I overslept. I enjoy videogames, but not to the point that it interferes with my grades at school, or anything else. Videogames are important to me, but only in the same way that the release of a particularly awaited book is. However, there are some people I know who are addicted (not nearly as much as the people in the video) to videogames, like Josh’s brother Jarred, who also likes Counter Strike. So, perhaps the problem does not lie in the videogame industry, but in the Counter Strike games. Subliminal messaging maybe…?


4) In your opinion, are videogames addictive in a dangerous way? 

In my personal opinion, videogames are not addictive in a dangerous way. I find videogames to be addictive in the same way that a good book is addictive. So, I don’t find videogames dangerously addictive in anyway. Most people are able to choose when to put down a book, generally when you are tired, and the same thing goes for videogames. There are however extremes, as there are in any case, like people who workout too much, people who eat too much, people who eat too little… the list goes on forever. So, in conlusion, videogames are not addictive, they’re just way too much fun.

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