Problem Number 6

February 17, 2006 at 3:44 am (Game Maker, Uncategorized)

A ball goes through a goal and the score goes up by one…the score does not go up if the ball misses the goal

Another problem. Okay, you need two sprites, a ball sprite and a wall sprite. then make a wall object with the event [create] and the action [move in direction stop] just incase something goes wrong. Okay, then add another object with either the ball sprite or the wall sprite and make sure to uncheck the visible box. Give it the same properties as the wall.

Now for the ball. It’s gonna take a while, so I’ll list it’s attributes.

event [colission with object wall] action [jump back to start position]

event [collision with the other object] action [jump back to start position] and [set score relative to one]

event [outside room] action [jump back to start position]

event [press ] action [ set direction to random(180-0) and speed to 5]

event [key release ] action [set direction to stop]

Okay, finally done. Then make a room with a wall and the invisible sprites as the goals and add a ball. Done

I needed no help with this task.




  1. jrb01 said,

    Nice work, thanks for the help with that problem although I’m not sure if that is the way your supposed to do it. :S

  2. Bill Kerr said,

    one problem is that you can’t *see* the ball go through the back of the goals – did you see the update on the hints, probably you did this before it came out – sorry

    but it works!!

    you can narrow the shooting angle, which is more realistic for shooting
    eg. 45 + random(90)

  3. blank4aname said,

    i agree wit jrb01, itz really good but its hard to follow if you get what i mean, a bit hard to get it to work.

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