Problem Number 4

February 13, 2006 at 11:55 pm (Game Maker, Uncategorized)

When a bullet hits a character, the character explodes and the explosion then disappears

Wow, this one is easy, and is sort of a continuation of the previous problem.

I copied the previous game, and added two sprites. One sprite to shoot and one to be an explosion. First I made an object out of the explosion and gave it the event [animation end] with the action [destroy the instance self]. That’s the explosion done. Now, the enemy you shoot. I added the event [collision with object objbullet] (the object bullet from the previous problem) with the action [change the instance object objexplosion, performing events]. Finally I made a modification to the bullet so it would disapper with the event [collision with object objenemy] with the action [destroy instance, self].

This problem and the previous one were solved by me, using gamemaker examples from last year, so technically, pikmik helped me.


Hee, hee, the monster is killing the bunny!



  1. jrb01 said,

    hehe, nice. 😀

  2. Bill Kerr said,

    I like it that you’ve used two screen shots, showing the sequence

  3. jrb01 said,

    Yes, nicely done.;)

  4. Tope said,

    Hey Thanks.

    Cos of you, Ill probably get an A for my assignment.

    God Bless You.

    I thought it was difficult, but it’s so easy and straight forward.

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